Need to get my butt in gear …

Need to get my butt in as far as videoing goes. If all goes well Wally and I will be going on a short and hopefully productive road trip today. For a long time now I have been fascinated from afar by the former Whippoorwill Dairy in Nebo, North Carolina.

Imagine my excitement when I was hired to do a story on a brewery in Morganton that is going to expand into the Whippoorwill Dairy site. When the editor sent it to me I about did a back flip (going thing I didn’t because I’d probably break my back).

My first interview with the brewery owner was the day Gel went missing and my mind was not on the task but my interviewing skills have improved tremendously and I believe I got what I needed from him. Today Wally and I are driving out to the site so that I can photograph it.  The only thing that may be a problem as far as the photography goes is the rain.

I am not going to jinx the rain – we are still going no matter the chances of rain this afternoon. The pre-rain conditions may make for some really nice pictures. If they are not acceptable I’ll go back next weekend. After we go to Whippoorwill we plan to go to a cool barbecue restaurant along a river in Morganton.

Both Wally and I have to work today.  I’ve got two assignments to cover – both easy ones. This was a particularly good week at work.  I covered some interesting and challenging assignments. I am starting to feel more and more confident in my work.

So back to the videotaping – I am almost afraid to start it – but I have to.

Until later …