Back in the Border Collie World?

Maybe.  I’ve reached out to Border Collie handlers that I’ve known over the years letting them know that I lost Gel. I am starting to put out feelers for a dog for me. I am trying to accept Jack as the crazy dog that he is and giving him the opportunity to do something.

Poor old Jack can’t help that he has ADD – but there’s drugs for that, no?

I am thinking that maybe I may want to do some low-level trialing again – yea – in my spare time … maybe that’s just a way for me to avoid other projects that I am trying to get done.

Went to a bourbon distiller yesterday.  It was cool – but I really don’t like the smell of alcohol.

Still working on my 365 Day Photography Project.  Here are two pictures that I took at the Whippoorwill Dairy.  I have been wanting to go to this old dairy for a long time now and I finally got to go.  Unfortunately it was a disappointment to some extent.  There was no period trash around – just recent trash which took away from the beauty of the site.  I had a hard time getting clean pictures.

365-2-1 365-2-2

Here’s Day Three:




Days four, five and six are on my lap top and will need to be posted later.

Back to a dog.  I could not accept another dog while Gel was alive.  I know there will never be another Gel but now I feel like I can bring on another dog because I need one now.  I didn’t need one when Gel was alive … I guess it was lazy and selfish on my part. Gel was the main man. Maybe it wasn’t a bad thing – we had a committed relationship.

Some irons are in the fire we’ll see how they heat up.

Meanwhile, there’s a sheepdog trial the last weekend of May that I think Wally and I will visit to watch.

We’ll see what happens.

Until later …