Oh, this is bad …

The last time I wrote here was May 5.  That’s 53 days! Ridiculous! There’s a variety of reasons why I have not posted.  I went back to school the end of May and I’ve been working hard to keep up with that (two classes, one of which is now done), the weather has been hard to deal with, the job has been demanding, etc., etc., excuses, excuses.

I wrote to a good photography friend the other day telling her that I thought my photography was suffering – it is – I haven’t been happy with the pictures I’ve taken lately.  I’m rushing and second guessing what the editor would want.  I need to slow down and listen to my gut.  I drive by cool things on my way to work and don’t stop to take the picture.  I need to put a camera on the passenger’s seat and have it there so I will be more inclined to stop.

I suppose the only real reason why I haven’t been writing or taking photographs for me is just due to laziness.  It’s been hot as bloody hell most of June and here we are again in close-to-drought.  The hot weather saps me.

So, here’s a challenge to me … at least one photograph a day to share here and include a post with it … screw posting it on FB — I’ll post a link to here but that’s it.

So let’s see if I can do it.

Until later …