Photographer’s Garden

For years now I’ve been posting about planting a photographer’s garden.  Sometimes things take a little while (or a few years) to come about.  Well it has.

This morning’s walk in the garden.



I love dill.  I do not use it as a culinary herb but I love it.  I love any kind of full, frilly flower like dill, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Yarrow.  We’ve got all three in our various gardens this year.  I love these plants because of their beauty and how they draw beneficial insects.


This is a flower that’s planted in one of two beds full of just flowers.  It is pink but when go through my film emulation software and hit on this setting I liked it so much I used it.


No garden is complete without sunflowers and we’ve got them.  As you can see, the bees love them too.



This is chicory in bloom.  Chicory is a member of the sunflower family.  It only blooms in the morning.  Legend suggests a maiden turned away from the Sun’s advances, so he turned her into a chicory flower that needed the Sun to live but faded in its mighty light.  I need to set up a camera and do a time-lapse video of it in the morning.  That’s on my list of to-do’s.  I’m going to be off work tomorrow, I might just do it. I love the flowers – the rabbits love the plant.  It is also a nature dewormer so I cut some for the goats and sheep to eat.  Chicory will be on my list of seeds to keep in our forage garden.


This, I think, is the top of a wild onion plant.  It looked so cool this morning and I like it in black and white.  It looks like an alien plant.


Not sure what this plant is – it is planted in one of the two rows of flowers and herbs that I have planted along the border of the main garden.  I liked the drops on the petals and the shape of the petals.

Today in my public speaking class I had to make a speech.  I did not prepare for it as well as I should have.  I hope I pulled it off.  I did it on feeding rabbits a forage-based diet instead of rabbit pellets.  I was almost late for class because I went on this photography walk-about in the morning.  Glad the speech is over.

Until later …