The good news

The good news finally came!  About three weeks ago, the head of the photography program at CVCC, Joe Young, wrote me asking if I was interested in a photography internship offered by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture Got to be NC program.

I told him “hell yea!”

I got together a potential portfolio and uploaded it so Joe and I could go through them.  Joe went through them with a fine tooth comb (as he always does!) and we agreed on 12 final images that we sent along.  I had two letters of recommendation, one from Joe and one from Richard Eller who is also a professor at CVCC and Historian in Residence at the Catawba Museum of History.  I have become quite close to Richard since I started working at the paper.

I waited on pins and needles.  The closing date was August 26 so on Monday I wrote to check on the status.  The head of the program called me a few minutes after I sent the e-mail – they hired me!!!

It’s a three month, paid assignment.  It will be done on a part-time basis.  I will be photographing North Carolina agriculture.  I will finally be able to do what I love and get paid for it!

I have been feeling so constrained by the paper.  I get some good assignments but most of them are relatively boring and really do not mean much to me.  To me food, culture, history and the environment are what is important.  I pitch those kinds of stories but most of them get vetoed.

So hopefully some doors will start to open for me and I will be able to grow in my work.  The newspaper has been great.  I have learned a lot and met some really amazing people but politics, murders, drug dealing, etc. is just not something I care about sharing.  It’s telling an individual’s story that I care about – especially if it is something to do with food, agriculture, or the environment.

There is another tidbit of potential good news I am waiting on now too.

Until later …