Difficult decisions

We made the decision to let a friend of ours have Rex, the Border Collie that we got earlier this year. It seemed like such a great idea to get him and he is a great dog and has the capacity to be a good working dog but time is short and (this is the real reason) we don’t have the proper stock to train him on. We bought some young Boer goat kids for the purpose but they turned out to be unhealthy creatures that we ended up selling instead of keeping them through the winter. We have sheep but they are flighty (wild!) and without a trained dog to break them they’ll remain wild. This friend lives up in the mountains and has stock that have been worked by dogs, she’s trained up several Border Collies to be useful dogs and I think in her hands Rex will shine. She had a young female that she’ll likely breed to Rex down the road and if that happens I’ll take a puppy from that cross. Hopefully by then we’ll be able to pick up some good stock for training dogs on.

We still have Jack and in a pinch we can use him but he’ll never be a trustworthy working dog.

It’s a bit depressing to have moved so far away from using a Border Collie but after Gel’s death it’s as if that died with him. Now we do what I used to look down on people for doing – we catch our sheep and goats with a bucket. Heck, it works.

Until later …