Mourning the loss of the 4.0

I’m sitting here at 5 a.m. (or so) thinking about the final exam that I’m going to take mid-day today. It’s in math – this is the third time I started a math class at CVCC and this time I’ll finish it. The third time is the charm, no? Unfortunately, this class is going to ruin the 4.0 GPA that I’ve held since I started at CVCC in 2012. I will graduate with this class with a degree in Photographic Technology.

This degree doesn’t amount to much – unless you are really, really talented, really, really lucky and really, really driven it’s really, really hard to make any money in photography. That’s okay – that’s not why I entered the program. I did it as part of the Workforce Investment Act – to this day I don’t understand why they allowed Photographic Technology as part of their programs but they did and that’s what I chose.

I am in a job that I love dearly partially because of that degree but more so because of the writing abilities that I acquired pretty much on my own. I have it because I am willing to work hard to get better and I have people in my life who are willing to help and support me. I am growing in the job I am now because I have a great editor to work for.

My grade in math is currently at 88.6 – teetering on an A but I did struggled through the calculations and figured as long as I get at least 50 on the final I’ll stay with a B. In order to pull my grade out of a B into an A I’ll divine intervention and get a high A which is not going to happen. I am so exhausted from struggling through the last couple of weeks of statistics which I don’t understand.

So, I’ll end up with a GPA in the high threes and do you think anyone but me will notice? Probably not. Do you think having a 4.0 GPA is going to make me any better as a person? Probably not. I’ve worked harder at this class than any other class I’ve taken and I guess getting a B is an accomplishment given how bad I am at math – heck I have trouble with multiplication and division and changing decimals to percentages and back again. So I should be proud to have achieved a B while working a full-time job, taking another class (which I got an A in), managing the farm (a lot of which Wally has been doing lately) and my personal life.

Until later …