I ended up with a final grade of 89.94 and I assumed that would stay a “B” but no! It rounds up to a 90 so I ended up with an A for the class! That means I graduate with a 4.0 – that means three years of school getting all As! Some of the classes were easy As but for many, like the math class, I had to work my tail off! Wally said that this class took a year off my life and he’s right.

This is sort of like my job now – it’s not a cake walk. Some of the stories are easy but some take a lot of prep, thought, agonizing, worrying and of course time. I love it though – except it can be very stressful.

I haven’t written much about the farm lately. The rabbits are doing well and we sell them pretty well but lately everyone and their brother are breeding and selling Silver Fox rabbits. I need to figure out a way to set myself apart from them. That comes back to work that I want to do – i.e. filming and documentary – I can practice right here in my backyard. Just need to get off my fat (yes!) butt and get it done.

Until later …