I need to get unstuck!

I keep wanting to get a 365 day photo thing going again – my gut tells me I need to do it – just like I need to keep writing. Yes, I write and photograph most days for work but this is different.

Here are two I took on Saturday at a local production of the Nutcracker ballet. It was particularly meaningful because I followed these dancers from the time they started practicing to the final performance.



I’m stuck on two stories for work and I need to get unstuck soon – one is on Charter Schools – that shouldn’t be too hard to unstick now that I think I have a direction. The other is complaints in nursing homes. That one is proving more difficult. I’m also working on a story about the history of music in Lincoln County – that one is stuck because of getting people to return my telephone calls.

Anyway – I regress. Maybe I’ll start another 365 attempt Wednesday which will be the Winter Solstice – the longest day of the year. What better time to learn to deal with my lack of inspiration when the days are cloudy. I’m so drawn to the light that it’s hard for me to “see” images when there isn’t any directional light. That’s what killed me when working on my final portfolio for school.

Then again – why wait until Wednesday. Today is going to be cloudy all day.

Until later …