Two steps forward, five steps back

That seems to be the reality of my life – I take two steps forward – yee ha! Moving forward only to have to take five steps back. At least I keep taking those two steps forward.

Thought we were going to be able to put in a barn for the goats and sheep (and milking shed) this year but discovered, as it has been for the past eight years, we just can’t afford it. In retrospect, I wish we hadn’t put in the barn for the rabbits or spent as much on the building for the freezers when we moved here but we did. We actually spent money in many places where we shouldn’t. I guess that’s not unusual to spend money where you think you should and as time goes on, things change – I guess that’s life.

I did my taxes and though I was in good shape until I got the W-9 – over a week later than when I should have had it – from the work I did for NC Ag. I guess that should be no surprise that the state is late in getting paperwork done. So I had to pay more money for TurboTax so that I could itemize and accounted for the photography equipment I bought in 2016 so that I will get money back – a good deal of money – but that money will need to go back into my photography business to cover for freelancing work I’m doing in 2017.

I guess I wonder how billionaires – like the one who is now commander-in-chief are able to make as much money as they do and not pay taxes on it. Why is it that this man is unable to release his taxes? And people who are in the same place as I am – probably many worst – elected him thinking he’s going to make a change and help them. Wrong.

Our goats may not have ideal shelter – but they have shelter. They are fed very high quality food – most of it grown locally and non-GMO. We buy organic hay that is brought in from Canada because you can’t buy hay around here much anymore – partially due to the drought but also because so few people keep fields for hay anymore. Instead they grow wheat, corn and soybeans – because it’s more profitable and requires less labor. Even with the drought our animals had access to grass because we invested in fencing.

I guess it is what it is and at least there’s those two steps forward.

Until later …