No till and a barn is coming

Wally and I had a tractor for a while but we sold that a few years ago. We had a push tiller too but that goes, hopefully today. We will not be completely no-till – raising vegetables in what will be 20 3×8 raised beds with drip irrigation installed. We grew¬†our best crops in these raised beds – best to go back to what worked.

We will be getting a barn in less than three weeks – well, at least the roof of a barn. That will be amazing! I started milking goats in 2008 in a covered, chainlink dog run. I went from there to a 10×10 covered building, then to a 12×21 tarp-covered building (a ShelterLogic). When we switched from goats to cows I continued milking in the ShelterLogic building. That’s what I milked in when we moved to Vale – but now it’s two 12×21 ShelterLogic buildings hooked together.

When we had the cows in these buildings it became a mud pit and we were unable to get that fixed. When we went back to goats Wally built platforms to bring the goats above the mud. It works okay and that we’ve been so dry has enabled it to dry out, but the platforms are about done.

Can’t wait to get the new barn (roof). It will be 18×26 with an 12×26 overhang off one side. We will frame some of it in for a milk room. That will be like milking in a palace compared to what I’ve milked in previously. It will give the goats and sheep good, dry shelter. It’s only taken nine years to get it.

The barn will be constructed in what we had tried to convert to market garden – but two years in a row the drought did it in. At least with the raised beds – which are rich in organic matter – will be easy to irrigate because it will hold the water. Without machinery – i.e. a tractor to haul mulch or lots of inexpensive laborers¬†– neither of which we have – hauling that much organic matter into the garden is back-breaking labor – something neither Wally or I can do at this time. When we are not growing in the beds, we fill them with what we clean out of the rabbit tractors and barn (yes – the rabbits have a barn – they got the barn first because we couldn’t put a ShelterLogic where the rabbit area is due to all the trees. The fallen leaves would have been hard on the canvas covering the ShelterLogic

All good things come to those who wait.

Until later …