“To go in the dark with a light is to know the light.
To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,
and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings,
and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings.”

~Wendell Berry

Dragon Tongue 2015

I need to get better at growing seedlings. If I want to keep my garden no-till and full of organic matter, I can’t direct-seed into soil like that. Growing plants from seedlings is way better than trying to direct seed and most vegetables will grow well in them. I bought a soil block maker and I used it some last year but not as much as I should have. It’s messy making them because you have to have the soil mixture the consistency of fudge. The mixture I use is:

  •   3 buckets brown peat (standard peat moss).
  •   1⁄2 cup lime. Mix ingredients together thoroughly.
  •   2 buckets coarse sand or perlite.
  •   3 cups base fertilizer (equal parts mix blood meal,

    colloidal phosphate, and greensand). Mix thoroughly.

  •   1 bucket garden soil.
  •   2 buckets well‐decomposed compost. Mix all ingredients


Once you make the blocks you put them in trays, plant the seeds, keep them well watered and you’re good to go. This morning I wanted a video from a conference that featured Elizabeth and Paul Kaiser from Singing Frogs Farm in California. For some time now I’ve been interested in what the Kaisers are doing on their farm because they are completely no-till. I learned a lot from the video this morning.

Now to get seeds ordered!

Until later …