The wind is blowing what seems like 100 mph here – of course it isn’t – which is a good thing.  May we never see 100 mph wind here. I went out early and closed up the greenhouse because I could hear it creaking in the wind. I ordered some PVC clamps to hold row cover on hoops and they came in today – perfect timing – and went out and clamped the cover down on most of the beds. In my next round out I’m going to cut some greens for the ducks and then cover the rest up. Like seedlings – row cover is my friend.

Cats are hell on row cover. For some reason, they both like jumping on it and crawling under it. Rotten beasts.

The temperature has gone from short-sleeve-warm to where’s my hat and gloves cold in a day. Today is my day to work from home and I already have two stories written – two more to go. I wish I could work at home more often. If it was warmer and there was less wind I had planned to spend some time getting my seed blocks ready to go. I should have some of the seed I ordered by tomorrow. The weekend weather is supposed to be excellent and the plan is to get wood to make four more raised beds which for now will be used to compost rabbit manure and straw from tractors.


The goal also is to get at least a half dozen rabbits processed – I went to get one out of the freezer yesterday and discovered there were none! That can be very easily rectified.

For the first time in a long time I’ll be slaughtering female rabbits. Usually it’s just males but for some reason we aren’t selling them like we once were. It’s a shame because the females that I’ll be processing are very nice animals. Looks like I’ll be doing some chocolate bucks in the next batch in a few months. All of a sudden, everybody and their brother are selling Silver Fox rabbits and selling them for $10 each – these are baby rabbits – but still, that’s cheap and I refuse to sell mine that cheap – I refuse to devalue what I’ve spent years perfecting. The good thing is if we can’t sell them – we can eat them.

Want some more reason to go out and dig in the dirt? Watch this video:

Until later …