Rollercoasters are fun aren’t they?

It seems that’s what the weather is going to be like this year. This weekend it’s going to be 70 on Saturday and Sunday it will be 77 – yes – 77 in February. Then it goes back down into the 50’s and 60’s with one day having a high of 48. The poor plants and animals don’t know what to make of it. I heard on the news this morning snippets of an interview with a strawberry farmer worrying about how this weather was going to ruin his crop.

I believe anyone trying to grow food, especially those growing on a small scale in an attempt to offset the craziness that is now our food system needs to buckle down and prepare for crazy weather – as best as we can.

Wally stopped on his way home and picked up wood to make five more raised beds which hopefully he’ll be able to get done this weekend.


Gone are the days of tilling. Yesterday, we sold the tiller that Wally is pictured above using. Instead there will be as little disturbance of the ground as possible.


Back to raised beds. See – row cover is my friend! I need to order some lighter weight row cover for the warmer months.

Tomato Jungle

And tomato jungles which is how we grew our best tomatoes. It will be good to get back to production again. We got very little out of the garden the past few years.

The five new beds will be used to compost rabbit manure and bedding that will get cleaned out of tractors this week after I process the rabbits on Sunday. It’s going to be a busy weekend. Today I have to photograph a wrestling tournament, bunny sit (which I begin today through next Sunday) and hopefully get at least one of my three stories done for Monday’s paper. Sunday is rabbit processing day, bunny sitting and finishing up the stories and editing wrestling pictures.

Being busy is good!

Until later …