I love the rain!

As I write this, I can hear the rain coming down. It sounds wonderful! I just got in from feeding the animals – quickly – before it started raining hard. I hope the goats finished their feed before it started raining hard. If not, then the sheep will finish it. In about a month we’ll have a fully covered building with hay racks and feeders that everybody can get under and stay dry. Can’t wait.

Flowers 3-13-2

Remember when California was in a drought – it was serious. Now they are swimming in water. Climate change is a hoax though or at least that’s what the people currently in power think. I guess if you are a billionaire you don’t need to worry about climate change, at least not for the time being.

For some reason I am drawn to futuristic dramas where the world as we know it has ended and zombies or whatever have taken over. I expect that’s because I believe it could and ultimately will happen. I only hope I’m not alive to see it.

Meanwhile, I’ll just keep doing what I need to do to prepare for what will probably be another difficult growing season. I still haven’t got the seeds started – yesterday I was tied up a good part of the day with an AT&T technician installing internet and Directv. Then I ran over to Newton to critter sit then to BestBuy to get a new vacuum cleaner. The one I had, a Dyson, has been on its last legs for some time now. I got the use out of it though – I bought it used and have had it for maybe 10 years now. I wanted to buy a less expensive model (Shark) but when I went to BestBuy and tested it and a Dyson the Dyson won so I bought it. Maybe if I can get the carpet well cleaned and keep it cleaned my allergies will settle down.

I’ve been critter sitting since last Saturday and will be through Sunday – it’s good money but takes a good bit of time going back and forth between either Lincolnton or Vale to Newton but like I said, it’s good money. Right now I’ll take money however I can get it. Not only was the vacuum on it’s last legs but my desktop is as well and soon I’ll need more power.

If all goes well I may have landed a good project that will enable me to put my name on a documentary video production. Hopefully it will work out well. The desktop I have now is not going be able to do much video editing – at least not in a timely fashion and it will probably crash. I spend a lot of time watching a spinning wheel now just starting programs.

Until later …