Yea for Fern!

Before I headed out to do errands, I discovered my landlord had left the gate open and the sheep had gone down in the back 40 acres.  I could see them, but I knew Gel could not.  I went down to the gate and sent him and Fern went with him.  This is not unusual.  Fern normally runs out a little ways with Gel, then returns to me.  I went back up to the car to finish loading and saw Gel running in a different field.  I looked back to where the sheep had been and they were on their way up to the house.  Little Fern had gone all the way out and was bringing them up pretty as could be!  She’s never out run that far before.  Good girl!

I did my errands and came back to my neighbor’s house to borrow their truck to go and pick up a round bale of hay.  It was a bit hairy coming back as I was sure that bale of hay was going to roll off the truck!  Luckily it did not.  I rolled it off the truck into the fenced-in area, then headed down back to pick up my panels.  I loaded up all three dogs (Gel, Fern and Esme) into the cab of the truck and we went to where the Winterfest is going to be held and delivered the panels.

I returned the truck, then went back down into the back 40 to pick up my ElectroNet.  I brought it up to the Christmas Tree Farm, set it up and just got back in.  Esme was with us all afternoon.  Needless to say, she’s sound asleep now.  She road like a pro in the truck and has become accustomed to riding on the ATV.  She was not helpful during the ElectroNet take-down or put-up, but she was just being a puppy.  While up at the Christmas Tree Farm she met some new dogs and people and was perfectly fine with them.

Now I need to go and milk goats.