Soil Blocks are my Friends

I was able to leave work early yesterday, came home, changed, left my cell phone in the house and went out and made up six trays of soil blocks and planted seeds. I’ve probably got three more trays of soil block soil left

The soil mixture is:

  •   3 buckets brown peat (standard peat moss).
  •   1⁄2 cup lime. Mix ingredients together thoroughly.
  •   2 buckets coarse sand or perlite.
  •   3 cups base fertilizer (equal parts mix blood meal,colloidal phosphate, and greensand).
  •   1 bucket garden soil.
  •   2 buckets well‐decomposed compost. Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

The base fertilizer I use is Espoma Garden-Tone. Soil blocks are fun because you get to make the mixture all muddy like cement and then make little soil blocks with the tool. While I was doing it I had quite the feline audience and more feline help holding down plastic trays than I needed. There’s something about gardening that cats like.

The goal this year is to keep the tomatoes healthy and prevent blossom end rot. The beds that we have set aside for tomatoes are RICH in organic matter and full of earthworms so it’s healthy soil.

I don’t know if I’ll have time to do any more today or not. Have two interviews to do and two stories to write. Last night I was at a school board meeting until almost 9:30. Didn’t get to sleep until almost 11 and then up at about 4:30. Tired. Have a basketball game to photograph tonight. Friday will be a down day for me for sure.

Until later …