I need to get back to taking pictures!

I need to get back to taking pictures – if only of just the farm animals. I get to enjoy them every day. I’ll bet other people would like to enjoy them too.


This is a doe kid from 2015 – a French Alpine. I almost wish I had kept some of those goats but their temperaments sucked. In retrospect, however, I think goats’ temperaments suck in general. It’s all in how you deal with them I guess. I’m hoping with the new barn we can configure a milking and feeding areas where they can be handled and managed a lot easier than it’s been in the past.

I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a new iMac yesterday. It will arrive today. I got a 21.5″ – I looked at the 27″ and decided it was just too big. So I got the 21.5″ upgraded to the fastest hard drive you could get, 16 GB of RAM, and a 3.3 GHz i7 processor. It ought to perform quite a bit faster than the Mac Mini that I’m using now.

The Mac Mini still works and I can still use it but I need to roll my tax refund money back into equipment that I use for work so that I don’t have to pay taxes on the freelance money that I’ll earn in 2017. Why should I, making less than $25,000/year have to pay taxes when billionaires don’t?

Why indeed?

So – goal made – let’s see if it pans out.

Until later …