Chomping at the bit

Left work a little early yesterday, came home and made up another batch of soil mixture to make more soil blocks. I made three more flats and then seeded them with Swiss chard, dill and cilantro. I’ll be interplanting dill and cilantro (coriander) (letting it bolt once it gets warm) to attract beneficial insects. I don’t use dill in cooking because I don’t care for its flavor but I want to attract as many beneficial insects as I can. I love the look of dill, coriander and yarrow so I want it in the garden.

Before I start putting seedlings out I need to draw out a map of my beds and figure out where I’m going to plant everything. The goal is to set aside the ends of most of the beds to plant herbs and other plants that attract beneficial insects.


Our barn comes on Thursday! So excited. The goal is to hopefully pick up some panels over the weekend so we can close off the area around the barn to restrict the goats’ and sheep’s access to the area around the barn so we can seed it and have a good area to walk around.

As I was making soil blocks yesterday Wally was marking off where the barn is to go. It was bittersweet watching him do this because the barn is going where we tried to put in a garden. Every time I look at that area now, which is leveled and bare, I think of how much back breaking work it took to put in that garden. Oh well, the raised beds are so much more manageable and should produce more and better than that garden area did or even could really given what I expect is going to be progressively worst weather for growing. We got a little bit of rain last night and more is forecast for this evening but we are not getting much accumulation.

Ordered onion sets this morning – we grew a raised bed of onions our first full summer here in Vale and they grew really well and were tasty. Enjoyed watching them grow. Pretty silly that we get as much enjoyment out of watching things grow as eating it.

Until later …