The new barn is taking shape

On Saturday we hauled all everything out of my former milk room. The timing could not have been better because the last wind storm ripped the top of the cover over the milk room and now there’s a skylight – not a good skylight though because it leaks when it rains. This is how it has been with those ShelterLogics. The covers last maybe a year and then they start to degrade from the sun and tears start at the bends of the supports and then top goes. We re-cover them with a new tarp (not a ShelterLogic cover but a regular tarp) and that works for a while until that tarp goes bad (or the goats chew the ends off so it doesn’t stay tied down).

Two seasons ago, Wally built platforms inside the ShelterLogics so it would stay drier it and did – the goats had two winters of relatively dry flooring but when we pulled the stall mats out yesterday, it was a mess. The platforms had completely collapsed underneath.

Can I tell you how heavy and difficult to handle stall mats are? We pulled out eight of them and about killed ourselves. We hauled them up to the barn and laid them on the ground there, put panels around where my milk room will be to keep the goats away from the equipment and added a few more panels to hang hay racks on. It is supposed to rain on Tuesday and the new barn is where the goats will go for shelter. I closed off the ShelterLogic.

I know of a lot of people who started in the dairy goat business with tarp-covered shelters. I’m glad we are through with them. I may buy one more heavy-duty greenhouse cover for one of them and make an additional greenhouse out of it but for the most part we are through with ShelterLogics. That’s a good thing.

Spring has sprung

I came across this video¬†(warning you’ll need to go to FaceBook to view it)¬†this morning while looking for something else. This is Rose, our Saanen goat. You can see her daughter, Black Ear (with the black ear) and son in the video as well. So glad to finally have a real barn to milk in. We are moving out of the primitive into a little more civilized.

Until later …