Onion sets and busy beavers

I got my onion sets on Monday and I thought about putting them in yesterday. I saw the Sweet Potato Man in Maiden putting his out yesterday morning. Changed my mind when I¬†looked at the weather for the weekend and saw a snowflake on Sunday’s forecast. Think I’ll wait until next week. Crazy weather! We got some rain last night but not enough to show in the rain gauge. Afraid this is how it’s going to go again this year – little rain and hot weather.

Bunnies eating

Was a busy beaver this morning – watered the bed where I planted carrots last week (didn’t water it last night because I thought we’d get enough rain) and the seedlings. Fed the goats, sheep, dogs and cats then went over to uncover the rabbits and fed them. Then cleaned out a rabbit tractor and hauled a bunch of leaves away from walkways.

Glad there’s some light in the mornings now so I can get more work done. That’ll change after this weekend. HATE THE TIME CHANGES.

Off to shower.

Until later …