The greenhouse is my friend

We put the greenhouse in not too long after we moved to Vale but, embarrassed to say, I didn’t use it a lot. I am this year! I’ve got perhaps 10 trays of soil blocks, all but two planted and growing. It seems these seedlings are going to spend at least another week in the greenhouse. There’s 1-3″ of snow forecast for Saturday night into Sunday morning. Crazy weather! It’s supposed to get up to 74 degrees today and then the cold comes in.¬†Glad the goats are still a few weeks off from kidding. Glad they now have a good shelter to go into.

Wally picked up the siding we are going to put on one side of the barn and hopefully we’ll be able to get it put up on Saturday. Guess it’s a good weekend to make a batch of sausage soup.

I very much enjoy working in the garden and doing farm-related things. When I got the job at the Observer News in October 2015, we sold six of our dairy goats and to tell you the truth, I am sorry that I sold them but it is what it is. When I was working that job I had an almost hour commute one way, had to be in the office a lot more than I am now and was stressed to the max.

Not that there’s no stress in the job I’m in now – there is – but not like the other job and my commute is way shorter. I can make time either at the end of the day or beginning to get things done around the farm. It still kills me though when thinking about all the work that we did to put this section of land into production only to have it dry up two years in a row due to lack of rain.


Now this is what it looks like now (excuse the poor quality iPhone photo):


Hopefully by the end of the day the lefthand side of the barn will be closed in. These are my five dairy goats – one more hopefully to come in April as well as a buck for next year.

But this morning I need to get out and get it done because I need to be in Lincolnton relatively early this morning to get a couple of stories done.

Until later …