Crazy Duck Butt Weather!

Okay – yesterday’s high was in the 70s but now the bottom drops out. There are forecast lows in the low twenties over the next few days and a few inches of snow is forecast. Lovely.

Duck Butts

This is what I think about that business!

I covered the three (or four?) beds of greens and cover crop that I have been feeding to the ducks and rabbits to keep them from freezing and will probably have to put row cover over the seedlings that I have in the greenhouse on the low twenties nights. I don’t begrudge the cold weather – it is still winter – but what I don’t like is the crazy swings in temperature.

One thing that people need to be aware of is that cats and row cover are not compatible.  Either they are crawling under it or trying to lie on top of it. Neither is a good thing.

Wally and I are going to work on closing in some of the barn on Saturday but I don’t know how much we’ll be able to get done. It’s going to be partly sunny on Saturday and in the low fifties which is not horrible but it would be a lot nicer to be out there if it was in the sixties or seventies.

Many of those who are now in power believe that climate change is a hoax. Maybe that’s true since they are they ones who were smart enough to be elected but I am going to continue to believe that our climate is going to continue to get more and more difficult to deal with and try to be as prepared as I can using row cover and greenhouses.

Maybe this cold snap will¬†be the last and the weather will level out a bit and we’ll get some beneficial, more frequent rain. Hoping.

Until later …