The Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans don’t always work out. We intended to work on the siding of our new barn on Saturday but it was cold and Wally’s hands were hurting so we elected instead to clean out the ShelterLogic so the goats could use that during the pending snow storm.

It wasn’t just a matter of cleaning out manure and straw. Several years ago, Wally built 4×8 platforms to keep the goats up off the ground. They last two winters but most were now rotted out. We got the platforms out and hauled the rotted wood down to a brush pile. It took us several hours but the goats had a clean shelter to go into and get away from the wind. Not sure if they used it or not but it was there if they wanted it.

We got a couple of inches of snow last night. It’s pretty but given so many things have bloomed the snow and the cold that’s forecast over the next couple of days will do damage.

March Storm-1

March Storm-2

March Storm-3

Took the time to shoot a few pictures. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time this morning because between cooking (sausage soup, homemade biscuits and breakfast) I have to get two stories wrote (one is already done) and be ready to leave here at quarter of two to go and photograph an opera competition.

Last night I went to a fundraiser. It was okay but I felt very out of place. You’d think with the job that I have that I’d be more of a people person but really I am not. It was held at a country club and here I was the poor country bumpkin rubbing elbows with a bunch of very well-to-do people. It’s all good – it was for a good cause and I think the story will be a good one.

Until later …