I need to skip this week

Not that I want to skip any second that I’m alive but to think about dealing with losing an hour’s sleep and dealing with temperatures in the low twenties. Not liking it. Glad the goats aren’t due to kid for another week or two.


Soon – this is what I’ll be seeing! I am excited about starting to milk again. This is a picture of Misty – one of those 13 great goats I had when we lived on Herter Road. Miss those goats.

Photographed and videoed an opera competition yesterday. It was interesting and was pleasantly surprised at how the images came out. They used more natural light from the Cultural Center (which is a beautiful building) instead of turning off the lights and using spot lights (which throw horrible light). Wish I had thought to bring in a tripod to do video but I didn’t and had to improvise so the footage is a bit jumpy.

This weekend was exhausting and I’d very much like to go back to bed and take a nap.

Until later …