Fonta Flora Brewery and Working for Free

Just wrote four paragraphs of meaningless crap and deleted it. Yesterday was a crazy day and I’m glad I don’t have too many crazy days.

It’s been almost a year since I put my foot down and made the resolution that I was not going to work for free. My skills, however limited they may be, are worth something. Since then I’ve been hired by a really good paper and am regularly getting paid for freelance photography and soon videography.

About a year ago I was “hired” by an on-line magazine (which is no longer in existence) to do a story on something I was very interested in. This story and the photography were to be done for no pay. The story was to be about a brewery in Morganton, Fonta Flora, purchased what was the former Whippoorwill Dairy in Nebo, NC. I’ve admired that old dairy from a distance for a long time and was excited to do the story. Lining up the owner of the brewery was difficult and as it turned out, the day that I was to interview him Gel was killed. I didn’t know that he died until after I got home from the interview. I couldn’t even think about writing the story for over a month afterwards and when I finally got the point where I could I came to the decision that I couldn’t work for free and didn’t write it. I haven’t worked for free since.


Whippoorwill Barn

This is the barn that was on the property. This morning I looked up Fonta Flora to see if they made any progress on the brewery. They have.


The barn is gone. They say they are going to rebuild it the same as it once was but it will never be the same. I am glad this brewery has the property as they will use it in some semblance to how it was once used. It’s better than having it used to grow soybeans or for chicken houses.


This is one of the other buildings on the property. Who knows if it will be taken down or not.

I was recently hired to photograph an opera competition, soon I’ll be doing commercial photography for an assisted living center and a documentary production¬†of a local potter which I’m particularly excited about.


It’s St. Patrick’s Day so here’s a little bit of green.

Until later …