Last year we had the driveway scraped and more asphalt put down. It has done well until we had the past couple of days of storms. That goes to show how long it’s been since we’ve had a “gully washer” type of rain fall. More is forecast for Wednesday. I don’t like that the driveway is washing out again (hopefully the man who did the work will be able to rectify it) but I do like all the rain we are getting. It’s good to see standing water in the fields. I pray that we continue to get regular rain this year.

Towards the end of the week the temperature¬†is supposed to get down into the 30s overnight for two nights in a row. Glad I haven’t put out anything that’s too terribly frost sensitive. I’ve got several of the beds covered with row cover because I discovered something was eating the greens off the beet seedlings. I planted a whole bed of chard and it’s covered with row cover to prevent damage. I’ve got a tray of romaine lettuce to put out and it will get covered too. I expect it’s the loose rabbits that need to get caught one way or another and put in the freezer. I discovered yesterday morning that two rabbits dug out of their pen – which is no easy feat given there’s wire at the bottom of the pens. I caught one but one is still loose.

Today is my day to work from home and I already have one story wrote and sent. The goal is to finish the second before I go out to do chores. I have a meeting to attend this evening which is likely to go late. Not too happy with that but it is part of the job that I love so much.

That story is not getting wrote so until later …