It’s October 1 and I’m making a goal

It’s October 1 and I’m setting a goal for myself. A post and a picture a day. The picture won’t necessarily be taken the same day as the writing but it’ll be related to what I’m writing about.

I’ve been extraordinarily busy the past few months between taking two classes at Gaston College – the last two classes before I go on to a four year degree (which will really be a two year degree because the classes I’ve taken at the local community college will take care of two years of general education courses at a four year college) and I also enrolled in a class via Duke University’s Documentary Studies Program. I’m thoroughly enjoying this class. One of the classes at Gaston is no problem but one is killing me. While I’ve worked hard while in college, this class is pushing me to the limit. It’s biology and I enjoy biology but I hate this class. In my first two exams, I got failing grades! I’ve never received failing grades in a college course before. I’ve buckled down and I think I figured out what I need to do in order to at least pass it. I’ve managed, I believe, to get my grade to a low A but whether or not I can hold on to that is questionable.

The documentary class I’m taking is called “One City Block: Documenting Place in Words and Images.” Originally I was going to go with the Jersey dairy I visit so much but I decided to challenge myself and go with a true block and chose the intersection in Fallston where the feed mill is that I get feed. Originally I was going to work with other businesses in that section but I discovered there’s a whole lot more to the feed mill, Boggs Farm Center, than I realized.

The story is turning into something that’s bigger than I imagined and has grown into a piece bigger than I imagine into a piece on the culture of cotton in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.


You see, in order to foster a growth in my talents as both a writer and a photographer I must continually work on both crafts. I know it’s possible to do both – I’ve seen some great examples both through the course I’m taking and through my own research. I’m certainly not great in either – I’m okay or good – but I have the capacity to get better, everyone does.

Until later …