Sometimes I Amaze Myself

About had a nervous breakdown this morning between having to take my biology quiz and just as I finished I accidentally hit the exit button before saving my answers giving myself a grade of a whopping zero. Lovely. Wrote to the instructor and he gave me access back in so I was able to take it again.

Then I decided to update my WordPress files and some sort of weird crap happened and I got all kinds of weird code at the top of my page. When I tried to fix it I got locked out of my site. Wrote support and they sent me garbly gook back but they managed to fix it.

So – everything is fixed and I like the new look of my journal. I’ll be heading home to rest for a little while before driving to Newton to photograph a football game there knowing I may very well run into my old boss. Yuck.

This is one of those pictures that I took the time to stop to take. It’s pretty cook in the picture – the way it is now is not so cool – there’s stuffed animals all over the toilets, signs and a flag – pretty ugly. I preserved this image as it was.

Until later …