Bad day

Yesterday sucked.  It was rainy and cold.  The dogs drove me nuts.  I considered selling Esme.  I also considered feeding her to the coyotes.  I don’t feel like bringing up a puppy.  I keep thinking with Esme, I’ve doubled up on what irritates me about Gel.  Then I read Susan Garrett’s Blog entry today.  She writes “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten.

I honestly need to spend more time reading realistic Blogs like Susan Garrett’s.  I have all of her books and she isn’t afraid of admitting when she makes a training mistake.

So, duh Michelle, if you bring her up like you did Gel and to a good extent (yes, I’m admitting it) Fern, then you sure as heck are going to have a glorified version of Gel.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Gel and Fern with every fiber of my being, but I see the mistakes I made in training them.  More so with Gel because I did learn to some extent from my mistakes; but Fern can be a pain in the butt too.

What really got me going yesterday was during my drive to Statesville I was scared to death.  My tires needed to be replaced some 5,000 miles ago.  I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to spend the $300; instead I spent it on stupid stuff.  I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of things and ended up spending $80 plus I had to take out an extra $40 for the rabbits.  The big ticket item I bought was a heavy, stainless steel stock pot which I needed for cheese making.  The pans I was using were light, cheap and may not have been stainless steel.  That was $35.  Then I needed water filters and furnace filters and this and that.  I didn’t buy anything frivolous, but money just goes.

My house is a pigsty due to muddy dog prints.

Gosh, just in writing this I see problems I am creating with Esme.  Fern is latched on to Gel.  Yes, she’ll happily play with me, but if Gel is around, she’s latched on to him.  Why is that?  Because I let her hang with Gel too much as a young dog.  Gel could care less about Fern; but if there’s other people around, well Gel is a social butterfly.  I licked that in the bud this year up at the Christmas Tree Farm.  When they were not working, they are tied to the ATV.  The two of them were whining fools whenever people came near them.

Ah!  I’m in a state, aren’t I?

Oh, and to further irritate me, I woke up to a voice mail message from the lady I got venison from saying “I thought you were going to come out and get venison today [which, properly translated means: you were supposed to bring us out a case of beer so we could all drink all day]; we don’t have room in the cooler for it.”  Yes, it is a good deal for me to get all that venison for the price of a case of beer, but my freezer is full!!  I just cleaned out some of the older venison to make room for what they have now.  I’ll go out there today with their bloody case of beer.  The whole lot of them are frigging alcoholics.  They drink like fishes.

But, they are nice people and I’m just being a crank.

My third batch of cheese is draining.  I didn’t come out quite as good as the second batch.  I think my rennet may be old.  I’m going to add more than what the recipe calls for.  If the cheese ends up too rubbery (due to too much rennet) you can run the cheese through a food processor with a bit of milk to make it soft and creamy.  This batch is going to be okay, but it didn’t yield quite as much.  The next time I need cheese making supplies, I’m going to order them through a cheese making company rather than a goat supply company.

Oh! And the wind is going to be blowing today.  I hate the wind.

Okay.  As I write this, Gel is lying at my feet.  Fern and Esme are out in their run.  I’m going to go and get them, feed them, and then start trying to break my habits (doing things the comfortable way) and crack down on these dogs, all three of them!