Oh the ties that bind us

While looking through Facebook this morning, I came across a relatively new Facebook page for the Henry River Mill Village. This village, located in Hildebrand, was the scene for the first Hunger Games movie. I went there the first time with a photography class and after that a few times on my own. I haven’t been there in probably two or three years now. Some people bought it and they’re now working on rehabilitating it and listing it with the National Register of Historic Places which is amazing.

Sent the information to my editor and told him I’d love to do a story on this and he said to go ahead if I could find a local tie. I did! The co-owners live in Denver which is Lincoln County. So I’m heading out there Saturday. Most exciting.


These images was taken, I believe, during my first trip to the mill village.

Next weekend I’ll be going to Hart Square to do a story on their annual festival. Hart Square was one of the first places I went with a photography class. It still fascinates me. I’m not thrilled with going to the festival because it’s extremely crowded but it’s an opportunity to do another story on it so I’ll go.

The mill that formerly operated in this village was a cotton mill. It’s interesting that the more I delve into my documentary project on Boggs the more that comes my way that’s related to cotton. This Friday I’ll be going to Cotton Ginning Days in Dallas. I can’t wait to see how a cotton gin actually works.

Until later …