Now what?

My newly designed photography page, is now pretty well done. I want to tweak some of the images and will continue to add new ones as I take them – there’s quite a few up there that I don’t like a whole lot. I want the page to be the best representation of my work as possible. Plus eventually I want to put up links to different projects I’ve worked on – there’s a section of the page I didn’t use caused portfolio which will allow me to link to collections. Such as one that’ll include the image below.

Now I need to prepare for the busy couple of days ahead of me. This morning I have to cover a school story then I’m heading to Cotton Ginning Days in Dallas. After that I’ll go in the office for a while and work on the writing and assembly of my documentary project.

Later this evening I’m going to go to watch the dress rehearsal of The Gong Show in Lincolnton. Tomorrow I go to Henry River Mill Village (I wrote about that early this week) to do a story then later in the afternoon, if I have the energy, to a harvest festival. There’s a band playing there I want to see. Later that evening I go to the Gong Show where I’m the official photographer.

Sunday I do nothing but write for the paper.

I realize that staying this busy is a good thing – it keeps me young. I need to find time to get going on reading my 1,000 books and hope that it does indeed help my reading. I am in the middle of one that I’m enjoying, And Their Children After Them: The Legacy of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: James Agee, Walker Evans, and the Rise and Fall of Cotton in the South (damn that’s a long title). I ordered a bunch of used books off eBay – except for the book above, they’re all required books for classes I’ll be taking at UNC-Greensboro starting next semester.

I know in my heart that I’m addicted to Facebook – it is such a distraction to scroll through it. I think Facebook is contributing to ADD in adults, including myself. Cell phones and the easy of accessing the Internet (Facebook) is as well. We all need to lock ourselves away in a electronics-free-zone (that includes television) for at least an hour a day.

Until later …