A new class and working without pay

Started a new class through Duke University’s documentary studies program on Wednesday. While I very much enjoyed the last class and got a lot out of it including a really good documentary piece, this class is going to really challenge me. In fact – I’m probably the least experienced person in the class. That’s okay though – I have the most improvement to make and show. The first assignment is that we need to do is to do a 30 second video with no fewer than six shots yielding a psychological representation to create a haiku of a specific place. Plus we have to write the haiku. I’m going back to my safe story place – the Jersey dairy. I’ll kill two birds with one stone – I’ll do the video and get milk. We’ll see how it goes.

Working without pay – that’s been a challenge for me, as it is for any creative person. I try hard to hold firm and not devalue the time and money that I have put into perfecting my craft. I am so incredibly blessed that I have a job where I can grow and love the work that I do and get paid for it. I so wish some doors would open so that I can bring in a little extra money. Meanwhile, I truly need to continue to insist on my work having value but in these times that’s going to be close to impossible to do. I will continue to work on projects that mean something to me in an effort to build my portfolio.

But then there’s the love that I have for my work and I guess that’s worth more than paper money but it doesn’t pay the bills.

Until later …