Modern Slavery

I’ve seen first hand the issues people have with the Confederate flag being flown here in the south. In fact, just this morning on the local news, they reported on a “huge” Confederate flag being flown in Hickory and how people are up in arms about it. When I posted a collection of images I took from the Cat Square Parade last year, one woman said that she probably wouldn’t like the parade because of this picture.

To many people the Confederate flag = slavery (as does branches of cotton being sold as decorations but that’s a topic for another discussion). That may or may not be true but the vast majority of people who fought in the Civil War and proudly flew this flag weren’t slave owners. Confederate flag aside, there’s a form of modern slavery that happens essentially behind closed doors (or right out in the open in fields) – immigrant labor. I came across this piece this morning which describes the unfair conditions that many immigrants, many of them undocumented, endure producing that product that most people use on a daily basis but don’t give a second to think about how it’s produced. Not only are the workers treated inhumanely but so are, in many cases, the very animals that produce the milk.

I drink and use a lot of milk and I keep dairy animals and it may nor may not be humane to keep animals for their milk but milk can be a highly nutritious and delicious product. It is possible to produce it humanely and sustainably – but in doing it that way, there wouldn’t be the glut of product that Big Ag seems to want to keep on hand.

Perhaps more people ought to turn their eyes away from a piece of cloth and look a little closer at something that’s much more important to them – food. Unless of course they are going to start wearing flags as clothing.

Until later …