Editing Film

Between working, taking final exams, taking care of animals, myself and Wally (not necessarily in that order), I’ve been trying to finish up the five minute documentary I’ve been working on since September. While I took a video class while at CVCC, it wasn’t worth a whole lot. In fact, the video that was supposed to be our final project and go into our portfolios never went there. I suppose that’s pretty much the case with all of the classes I took in that program – they exposed me to certain aspects of photography but never really trained me to any level of skill other than proficient. Working with film is challenging, at best. Slowly I’m making progress but I still have a long way to go.

I photograph like I’m still using film. I take my time and tend only to take pictures that I absolutely need. In doing this, I miss opportunities. I have my interviews down pretty well now, it’s the extra footage, called “B Roll” that I’m lacking. I have to keep going back and getting more, coming home, looking at it and realizing it won’t work. Maybe I’m just being a perfectionist. Anyway, this seems like it’s been the longest week in the world and yet it feels like it’s been a lost week. I think once I get this film done and let that go — editing film is not only difficult but it’s addicting — I’ll be able to relax.

I managed to pull of an A in my biology class. That’s coming a long way from failing the first few quizzes and tests. I almost dropped the class but I’m glad I stuck with it. So now I need to get the paperwork to CVCC so I can graduate from there and I can finally close the door on community colleges. This will be the second degree I’ve obtained with a straight 4.0 GPA. Not sure I’ll be able to continue with that at the University of North Carolina but I’m sure going to try.

Until later …