Who Cares?

As is often the case on Sunday nights, I slept badly. I woke up thinking about all I was going to get done today, all I had to get done today and of course, worrying about the future.

I’m milking four goats who are giving close to a half gallon per milking. With that milk, I’ve been making cheese. Lots of cheese. Goat cheese is good. People go nuts for goat cheese or at least I thought they did. I freeze it and use it for bartering throughout the year but I never use it all up. So I’ve been taking all of last year’s frozen cheese out of the freezer and feeding it to the dogs. They like it, it’s good for them, it’s way better than kibble and way better than throwing it away. But I wonder, why do I spend the time and the money necessary to feed them to keep them in milk when I can’t sell it? Why indeed?

So, I thought more about it as I walked around the farm in the dark this morning. I don’t like goat milk as much as I do milk from Jersey cows so instead of drinking the milk from my goats I go to a local dairy and get milk there. While these cows are on pasture, most of their diet is corn, soy and all GMO. Not as healthy as the milk from my goats, not by far. Maybe I need to learn to like goat milk. Since 2008 I’ve been inexorably tied to dairy animals, first goats, then Jersey cows, now goats again. There’s a reason for this, there’s a reason why I can’t not milk and maintain a dairy animal.

On the rabbits, I cut way back on my breeding program and since I’ve done that I’ve got people knocking down my doors for rabbit meat. So I bought some additional stock, most of which hasn’t done well on the forage-based diet that the animals I’ve raised here are fed. Lesson learned, keep extra bucks so you can keep your gene pool varied and not bring in new stock unless you absolutely have to. I know darned well that once I have rabbits to put in the freezer those people will have disappeared. It’s always the case, people want what you don’t have. Murphy’s Law.

I suppose there’s a lot of people who wonder why they do it, why don’t they just take the easy route out and just buy all my food at a grocery store. Why, at my age, am I working so hard to continue my education? What good is it going to do me? I’ll be 58 years old this year and I surely don’t feel like I’m that age. Sure I have aches and pains and mild asthma which sometimes gets bad but all in all I’m healthy. Maybe it’s because I do all that I do here. Maybe one day it’ll all pay off.

Meanwhile, off to milk the goats.

Until later …