Working (dogs and me)

Today was a short shift, which was nice.  They put me on the busiest register which was nice.  This one little old lady came in my line with a carriage over-flowing with flour, sugar and other baking items.  As I checked her out, she rattled off all the things she was going to bake (and all the things she had baked).  She was so cute.  As I finished checking her out, she told me she was 90 years old!  Gosh, I hope I’m still going as good as she was at 90.

The screwed up my schedule again.  I thought I was working 9:30 to 6:30, but instead I’m working 2 to 11.  Being a morning person, that’s going to kill me.  Agh!  Oh well, it’s a job.

When I got home I packed up the dogs and headed up to the Christmas Tree Farm with the intent on working, but I sat down and started talking and didn’t get back up.  I did (for kicks) send Fern around the flock of Guinea Fowl.  She loves working birds.  And doesn’t Gel fall right into line (remember, Gel’s motto “I ain’t workin’ no stinkin’ birds”).  Pulling him off goat fighting and using Fern to pull the sheep out of the fenced-in area this morning must have hit home to some extent.

We got the sheep and headed back to the house around 4.  We sent the sheep on their way and I lied Gel and Fern down.  When the sheep got a good ways out, I put Gel in a stay and sent Fern for them.  The terrain was such that she would have had to work to get the sheep back to me.  I wanted to see if she could do it.  Darned if she did.  Good girl.

As I write this, I have buttermilk biscuits in the oven and some turkey carcass stew (it was supposed to be soup, but as always, it ends up really, really thick) ready to heat up.  It’s chilly tonight.  A perfect night for biscuits and stew.

Milking went without a hitch tonight.  I left both dogs up while I took care of it.  Most of the food is served on the milking stand so those that I’m milking are happy to come in and get on the stand.  I didn’t hobble Dawn.  When she fussed, I growled at her and that seemed to work.  Today I started carrying out a large jar to pour the milk from each goat off into.  That way if someone kicks, it’s only their milk they are fouling.  Since neither Dawn nor Penny are milking a lot now, I do them first, saving Rain for last.  Their milk production isn’t a lot right now.  I’ll stop milking Penny the beginning of February and Dawn the beginning of March.  I plan to milk Rain until late summer, then dry her off and breed her.  I’ll find a young buck in early fall to bring in to service all of the does and then I’ll sell (or butcher) him.

Yesterday I saw the sheep that are up at Wally’s.  They all look good.  They are due in January and February.  We should have a large lamb crop.