Road Trip

As I write this I’m in a car headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee to pick up a dog. Yes, another dog. This is a fully-trained dog which is a tool we desperately need. Let’s hope this one works out. It came out pretty quickly, but the difference between this dog and the others I’ve looked at or had in my possession, she’s owned by a person who is a behavioral dog trainer. Because of that, she doesn’t put up with the often common neurotic behavior that Border Collies exhibit. Let’s hope that assessment is right.

We had a supposedly trained dog in our possession for about a week. Not sure how trained he was but he never acknowledged his name or any other command while he was with us and barked almost incessantly. I can’t do constant barking. It’s a shame because he was an older dog and like is common in our society, once his usefulness is over, he was tossed out. While I have a big heart, I recognize that I can’t collect dogs, cats or any other living being. There’s only so much of me to spread around.

Obi, the puppy we got in August is doing really well. He’s a ball of fire and wired for sound, but he’s fun. We’re enjoying him tremendously.

I’m excited to report that I’m doing some journalism work again. Lake Norman Publications has taken me on as a freelancer. I’m happy with that arrangement! Once journalism gets in your blood, it’s hard to get it out. The editor at Lincoln Times wrote me the other day asking if I’d consider freelancing for them, but I’m going to tell them I’m too busy. I really don’t want to get sucked back into that sinking ship.

Until later …