I need to be oiled

It’s funny the things that bring me comfort sometimes cause me great anguish. I’m like a vehicle that can’t be taken over a rough road because I get too rattled and break. I’m rigid and my shock absorbers don’t work well. I wish I could go with the flow more and not worry so much.

This has been a very trying week. A week ago, when I was getting read to head out to pick up cats to be taken to be spayed or neutered the next day, the ambulance wouldn’t start. Great. It’s a darned good thing that I have a vehicle that I’m able to carry cats in. It isn’t ideal but it works. I can very carefully fit 16-17 cats in traps in my car, which is a Honda Element. I went to get the cats, brought them back and then loaded them back in my car to bring to the clinic. This run was to Newton. Went back the next day to pick up the cats and brought them all back. I had to do it all over again on Thursday. As I write this, the ambulance is still down. I brought 15 traps to one location this morning and in a bit I’m heading back over there to pick up what cats have been caught, then heading to another location to pick up a few more.

Using my car is not ideal, but I can’t very well cancel the appointments. The problem is that it busts my back having to lift and stretch to get the cats properly placed in the car. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Approval has finally been received to get a proper vehicle for the program. That’ll make my life so much easier! Hopefully it’ll happen in the next week or so.

Now the next hurdle is getting a warm place to keep the cats during the winter. This cat project has been a constant exercise in creativity and resourcefulness. There are times I wish for the simpler times when I could just do my paper job but getting paid is certainly a good thing.

Until later …