Quantity over quality

My view from the milk stool is on quality over quantity. Oberhasli goats are known for their high quality milk, but when compared to the other Swiss breeds, Alpine, Saanen and even Toggenburgs, they give less milk. But, they give higher butterfat and protein. See the chart below.

This morning, I emptied a jar of milk that was milked on the 4th, which is almost 10 days old. It was so think and creamy and tasted incredible. Most of this milk went into the bottles for the two bottle baby bucks for their mid-day feeding, the rest I drank. It is so, so, so good. I put the feta into the brine last night so now it ages for at least two weeks. Fingers and toes crossed. My little Crottins are sitting on top of their drying mat getting flipped periodically. They’ll go in the cave to age on Sunday. Fingers and toes crossed again.

While the Obers don’t produce as much milk as the Alpines and Saanens, what they do produce is incredible. I could get more milk out of my does if I were to feed them a higher protein diet, but I honestly think what they are fed directly impacts what their milk tastes like. So I think we’ll just leave things the way they are.

Until later …