Sensationalism in the media

I got knocked off my stool this morning. Darned big-as* black goat had already filled up her belly stealing alfalfa hay while waiting to come in to be milked. Rat said, no, I’m not doing the milking thing, I want to go and do something else. So my view was disturbed, but prior to the knock down, I thought about this coronavirus business which followed on the tail of the impeachment and all that craziness. I frequently find myself embarrassed to be a member of the media. The sensationalism that’s used in television news in particular is disgusting. While the impeachment was going on, Wally and I stopped watching the news. We’re about to go back to not watching the news. It’s hard to know if things are as bad as the news would like you to believe or if they are playing it up to get more viewers. That leads to mistrust. This is why I know I am more of a documentarian than a journalist. I want to write down history, not draw in viewers or readers through sensationalism.