Supply and demand

My view from the milk stool is on supply and demand. People are fickle. It’d be nice if it all worked out that everything a farmer produced would have a buyer. Some are lucky and are blessed with that. Many are not. I have one steady customer who comes every week and buys products. That’s it, really. It makes me think I’m bad at marketing.

Wally said to me this morning that maybe it would be better to just get down to two goats and just have enough for us. That’s true, but I take great pride in my herd of Oberhasli and what they produce.

So the goal now, as it always has been, to find alternative uses for the milk. Cheese! I tasted the feta that’s been in the brine since Sunday and it tasted good. It’s not quite ready, but will be next Sunday. I have another batch ready to go into molds.

My aged chèvre is still aging in open air. I don’t think it’s been warm enough for the particular type of mold I want to develop, Geotrichum candidum, but I’m not sure yet. I’ve never made aged chèvre before. I’m reasonably sure as long as I age it at least two months, whatever grows on it won’t kill me.

We’re also on the list for another bottle calf. We’ve got two weaned dairy steers already on pasture. The goal is to keep two weaned dairy calves on the pasture with a third bottle calf in the wings. We’ll take one to be processed every fall. We haven’t raised a cow for our consumption for a long time.

I had to go back to using the milking machine this morning. I’ve been milking by hand for the past five days or so and my hands are starting to hurt.

Until later …