Spewing hate

My view from the milk stand is about spewing hate. Keep in mind, the definition of “spewing” is to “expel large quantities of (something) rapidly and forcibly.” Facebook and other social media platforms make it easy to spew. I feel sure if half, or maybe even more, of the people who comment on posts were to be asked to say the same things to someone’s face, they wouldn’t do it. It’s so easy to rap something off on a smart phone and post away.

Luckily, whatever I post personally rarely ever gets hate comments. Maybe that means I don’t take chances. What I write and post for the paper sometimes does. I try to be careful – I’m not the type of journalist who looks for trouble and when I report on something that is controversial, I try really hard to stay in the middle of the lane and not take sides. That’s hard sometimes because I do have opinions.

The restrictions that have been imposed on us due to COVID-19 have been hard. It’s hurting businesses, there’s no question about that. I don’t know how things could have been done differently. I do believe that with any decisions made about COVID-19, it’s likely that someone one is going to disagree. That’s okay, disagreeing is fine, but spewing ugliness is not. It’s okay to disagree in a respectful way. A lot of people seem to have lost a sense of respect.

Our nation has become extraordinarily polarized and because I’m so sensitive, it troubles me perhaps more than it may someone else. I don’t like discord. Why can’t everyone get along?

This image came across my feed today and I’m going to share it with this post. I think we should all find a way to celebrate everything because no matter what happens, there is a silver lining somewhere, you just need to look for it.

Until later …