Working my way out of overnight trials

I realized last night while I was talking to my friends that gone are the days where I packed up Friday night and left early Saturday morning for a weekend-long trial or clinic.  There’s no way I can ask Wally or my neighbors to care for my animals now that I have dairy goats.  Granted, while they have kids I might be able to leave, but that is only a short window of time and for this year, Rain will not have a kid on her.

In the grand scheme of things, that’s just fine.  Let’s face it: I never did like trials to begin with.  I should clarify that, I never liked USBCHA trials.  I did enjoy the ASCA stock trials and agility trials.  The ASCA stock trials are going to be prohibitively expensive.  Agility is still a possibility if I can get myself geared up to train for it.

There are a few local USBCHA trials that I will still enter for one day to test how my training is going.  I feel that I still have to train my dogs to that standard and I will continue to train them because I am bound and determined to train and run my dogs in Open even if it is only one day out of a weekend trial.

So trailing-shmailing … tee hee!

It’s all funny how things turn out.  Everything does work out exactly the way it is supposed to.