Not crying over unsold milk

My view from the milk stool is a bit hard to remember these days. I’m afraid mold has grown on my brain from all the rain. Thoughts are not firing as they should be.

We had a scare last night. Kat, my little black goat, is usually one of the first ones to push her way into the milk parlor. She doesn’t get milked at night because she’s got two babies on her, but she still gets to come in to milk. When I had finished everyone except Kat, I went to get her. As I got closer, I saw there her sides were blown up like she has swallowed a hot air balloon – BLOAT! That’s never happened here.

A quick Google search gave me the remedy – vegetable oil with a couple of tablespoons of baking soda mixed in. Got that down her throat with a turkey baster after which she both passed stool and urine. Good. Let her babies back out of the night time pen so she wouldn’t have a full udder to contend with overnight and said a prayer.

Checked her really early this morning and she was fine. Whew. It’s probably due from the fresh alfalfa hay they’ve been stuffing into their bellies as fast as they can coupled with inactivity due to all the rain.
I used to get upset when people stood me up on milk purchases (not meaning you Debbie Perry!). We’ve actually had a good week and have sold quite a bit of milk. These days, however, it’s cause for celebration – it means I can make more cheese. Fermenting and culturing away is one batch of chèvre, one batch of feta and another which will turn into Mason Jar Marcellin. St. Marcellin cheese is a type of aged lactic cheese, traditionally made with goat milk, but now more commonly with cow milk, that is packed in a small terracotta pot to protect it. Little mason jars are good substitutes.

Until later …