My view from the milk stool today is about protests. Goats sometimes protest. In fact, I expect they’re protesting now because I shut them all down in the pasture so that the barn can have a chance to dry and air out. I swear there’s an underground lake along side the hay rack. Luckily, goat protests rarely result in any damage. Not so when people protest.

I don’t agree with what happened to Mr. Floyd. That was police brutality. I’m glad at least the one police officer is being held accountable. Does what happened to Mr. Floyd mean that property should be destroyed and police have to be involved in violent protests? No.

It’s unfortunate that our country has become so damned polarized and downright ugly. I’m not going to get into politics but there’s a lot of fuel being thrown on fires. I was getting sick of coronavirus news, but I’d much rather hear about a virus than buildings being burned down and stores being looted.

Until later …