My view from the milk stool is about cheese – again! I’m knee deep in cheesemaking. I’ve had several people stand me up on milk this week. Not sure what’s up, but these days, I don’t really care. It just goes in the cheese pot. I’ve got one batch of feta finishing up air drying and ready to go in the brine and then in the cave. I’ve got two jars in the refrigerator ready to go. Figured I could cut up and get one batch in one quart jar. That’s a good thing.

I’ve got a batch of cheese that’s going in mason jars this morning to age into Saint Marcellin cheese. This is a type of cheese that originated from the French region of Isère. It’s a soft, mold ripened cheese that was made exclusively from goat’s milk until the 13th century. Today, cow’s milk is used to make this small round, wrinkly cheese dusted with a coating of white yeast. The texture of the young cheese varies from firm to very runny and it has a mild, slightly salty flavour. When ripe, it is irresistible with slightly yeasty taste. It typically has a beige crust with a soft, creamy interior. It has an intensely rustic, nutty, fruity flavor. It was originally made in little terra-cotta pots. I’m using small mason jars. My first batch failed. Hopefully this one will work.

The milk my lovely goats make is glorious. It makes me so happy every time I take a drink of it. I drink a quart made into golden milk just about every night. My coffee is iced and really coffee milk. My breakfast is kefir (that’s another one who stood me up this week).

I got two calls from people out of the blue who wanted to come now to get milk and yes, I could have told them sure, but one time, I was knee deep in paper production. The other time, it was almost 6:00 and I was making supper. We go out to milk and finish chores at 7:30, so no, it wasn’t a good time for someone to come and get milk.

I guess I should be more accommodating but this is not Walmart – even Walmart closes sometimes and, more importantly, in the midst of the pandemic and now the riots, even Walmart doesn’t have everything available for every whim.

Caring for my goats the way I do is a HUGE commitment in both time and money. I hope that people who buy my products will be committed as well. Alas, most are not.

It is what it is. I’m so glad that I finally got the cheesemaking down and can use all the milk the goats produce. Next year will be different, all babies will stay on their mothers, no selling of bottle babies or early-weaned babies like we did this year. With babies on the does, there’ll be little milking at night (which will be an excellent thing). Whatever babies who are not sold or going to be kept back as milkers will go in our freezer. Goat meat is excellent BTW.

I’m a bit on edge with the heat, the coronavirus, the riots, dogs and dog decisions, etc. As I write this, I’ve got my laptop on my lap and it’s cooking me. At least we got watering set up for the garden. Now I need to finish planting it. Agh.

Until later …