On circles

My view from the milk stool this morning is about balance and circles. After milking the goats, doing a phone interview and putting the e-edition of the paper up, I went back out to tackle the cover crop growing around the garden which is got out of control. I hacked down two large tubs of it and brought it to the rabbits, essentially burying them in green stuff. They’ll eat their way out eventually. 

While in the rabbit area, I filled the now empty tubs (and a few more) withcleanings from rabbit pens which will now go back on the garden. 

I’m not at all happy with the garden compost soil mix (Earth Farms Garden Blend)  Earth Farms Organics that I purchased from them. This is the second time I’ve purchased the mixture from them and it’ll be the last. It does not hold water. Period. 

Luckily I have plenty of organic matter to build it up with, but it was a lot of money for what’s essentially worthless in raised beds. We won’t need to purchase any more of this type of filler at this point because we’ve got a huge compost pile with a tractor and operator to turn it.

That’s the beauty of a full circle on a farm – the goats and rabbits produce manure, their bedding is green matter, properly composted, it’s great to boost soil fertility. The goats (to some extent) and the rabbits are happy to eat any weeds or leftovers from the garden. We eat everything else – and do a sh*tload of work – maybe that’s not a good thing, but it keeps us young.

While in the garden, I harvested some beets and baby carrots that I now have in the oven roasting. I think a bowl of roasted beets and carrots topped with some Ezra’s Dream will make for a very tasty lunch.

Until later …