On Counting Goats

My view from the milk stool today is on my confusion as to why it is you can send one goat into the barn after I’m through milking her and end up with two, three, four or five in return. What’s the deal? If I give someone a dollar, would that mean I’d get five back? I guess goats can’t count, either that or maybe it’s because they’re starving or really love being milked.

Had an accident last night. After I finished milking one set of goats (I have two in at a time), I was in the process of sending one back into the barn and trying to get just one out. It seems during these times, the goats in the barn multiply. There’s only supposed to be six in the barn if I have two on the stand but sometimes it feels like 20.

Well, crazy Jack (Border Collie) thought it was his job to keep the poor goat that I had singled out to come in from going through the door and used his teeth to stop her. Jack uses his teeth with great expertise, or not. Well, goat freaked, of course, I cursed the dog, of course, and I got tangled up with a panicked goat, a crazy dog and my Crocs and ended up upside down on the gravel that’s right outside the barn. 

It did not feel good and Wally had to pick me up and wash the gravel out of the wound on my elbow. Damned dog got put on a line for the remainder of milking.

You see, I think Jack got a lobotomy at one time, which is why his eyes roll around like a possessed doll when he gets excited – which is whenever he’s asked to do anything with livestock.

Note to self: goats go in the hallway which was designed to contain them until it’s time for them to come in to be milked. It’s far easier to manage bringing in two at a time without trying to shove one back in at the same time.

Until later …