Making Cheese

My view from the milk stand is on how to be smarter than the cheese. It’s tough you know. Creating artisanal cheese is a challenge. It’s forcing me to slow down and be careful. So far, it’s kicking my butt though. I keep trying to convince Wally we need some pigs to eat my mistakes. Not getting anywhere yet.

What I love about my one and only cheesemaking book, Natural Cheesemaking, is that the author calls goats are activist animals. He also says that so far they’ve rejected the rigorous production regime pressed upon their bovine cousins. Not so sure I disagree with that given some of the udders I see on goats, but for the most part, that’s after letting them “udder up” for many hours. I’m a freak about making sure my goats are milked every 12 hours on the dot.

Anyway, I’m happy to have such nice milk to make cheese and hope one day I master it.

BTW – y’all who said you wanted cheese – it needs to go as soon as it’s made because it’s highly perishable. If you want something, please PM me and I’ll make it to order. I do have jars of feta in the refrigerator that are ready or almost ready to go. They’re packed in their brining solution and will last for months in the refrigerator. A bonus on the brining solution – it makes an excellent marinate.

Until later …